Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Blog Posting #4 How do you think social media will change in the future?

No one really know's for sure how social media will change in the future until someone comes along and invents the next big thing.  I do think that social media will change in the future.  Something fabulous always comes along and makes you wonder why nobody thought of it before.  We have seen many social media sites come along and they become really huge in a short amount of time.  An example is MySpace.  MySpace came out around 2005, 2006 and everyone had a myspace account.  As time went on, people got bored of it and they wanted something different and better.  In 2007 Facebook came along which was a revolution of MySpace and it completely wiped out MySpace.  MySpace has gone completely dead and Facebook has over 100 million users. There is always new social media sites to come out and they will take out the competition like Facebook took out MySpace.  I am sure that in the future there will be a new social media site that will take out Facebook.

Some technologys that I think will gain popularity is the Smart T.V. Smart T.V.s is a system that is intended to extend the reach of mutimedia content directly through the television in a viewer friendly manner.  It enables the T.V. viewer to access both the broadcast ditial content (T.V.) and the internet mutimedia content.  It's controlled by using a single remote control box.  Viewers can sit  on the couch and watch their favourite shows and access Youtube and Facebook through the same television.  It's voice compatable, viewers can talk into the remote and say what station or what website you want and the T.V. will bring it up.  These T.V's were just released at the start of 2012 and they retail for over $2,000.  The prices will come down in time.  I think that it's the next best technology because everything is all built together as one device.

Another technology that I think will gain huge popularity is the Iphone 5 which is to be relesed in October 2012. The Iphone has brand new features that have never been seen before that will blow your mind.  It's thinner than all the other phones out there.  It features a laser key board.  When you set your phone down on a table (must be a solid surface) and you flick the screen with your fingers, it projects a blue laser beam.  The keyboard appears on your table so you can type on your table.  It also features a holographic display.  If you are watching a video on Youtube you tap the screen and the video projects in front of your face. It's going to gain huge popularity because Apple is known for new technologys with their phones.  With the new technology in the Iphone 5,  people will be blown away with what it can do.  I think millions will be sold.


  1. I agree. New technologies will be invented in the future to enable us more features and possibilities to sharing with each other.

  2. I agree with you Dylan. There is always something being created, it might not be created in the purpose to be the next big thing, but it can turn out that way.