Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Dylan Simon's Perception On Social Media

My perception on social media is that it's changed the world in many different ways. It's helped us to contact people in different ways, gather information easier, less time consuming and cheaper for business. In the past 20 years social media has grown tremendously. We have seen the rise of Google, MySpace, Facebook, MSN, Youtube, Twitter, Yahoo, Hotmail and many more social media sites. We depend so much on social media and we spend so much time on these sites. Social media has effected the way we humanly connect with people, in the sense that we talk to people through Facebook and MSN instead of picking up a phone and talking to our friends. Social media is also very addicting you can spend alot of your time on these different websites and not even relieze it. Social media is a tool that can be used to ruin relationships. It allows people to connect with others that they wouldn't normally find or locate. Social media makes it a lot easier. I do think that social media is the biggest shift since the industrial revolution because it's changed the world. We rely on it for everything that we do. If we have nothing to do and we are bored we go on Facebook and talk to our friends. If we have to find information for our school projects we use google. Another big thing that social media allows us to do is it's a new tool for people who are trying to get famous or make it through the music indusrty. We have seen people become huge through social media. Justin Bieber made it by posting Youtube videos of himself singing and playing guitar. Social media just makes it easier to make your dreams come true. Social media is a great advertising tool for businesses. You can post your company or your company's product on Facebook or Twitter, to get more people aware of your business/ product. And you can also advertise explaining what your business is about and why people should buy your products.

Wednesday, 4 January 2012